The US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, warned China on Sunday that if it does not collaborate in the investigation of the origins of the coronavirus, it could be left in a situation of “isolation.”

“What Joe Biden has done this week in Europe is to unite the democratic world to speak with a common voice on this issue for the first time since the outbreak of COVID. President (Donald) Trump could not do it,” explained Sullivan in statements to Fox News.

Biden “had the G-7 support a statement saying in unison that China should allow an investigation into its territory (…). It is a diplomatic excavation job: uniting the nations of the world and putting political and diplomatic pressure on China, “he added.

Now Beijing must “choose”: “either they allow a real investigation to find out where this has come from or they will face isolation in the international community,” he explained. In addition, the Biden has the “intelligence community” and thus “get to the bottom of how this virus came to the world,” he said.

China has repeatedly denied the theory about the security breach in the Wuhan laboratory, the city where the first cases were detected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has sent an investigative mission and is planning a second visit to clarify the origins of the virus.

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