The union of industrial workers of Sloga announced today that the explosion in Čačak’s “Sloboda” warned that the defense industry was in a “catastrophic state”, and that the production of gunpowder and explosive products should be stopped immediately.

“After a series of explosions in Čačak’s Sloboda, it is now obvious that the company has serious problems with safe production, outdated equipment and insufficiently qualified workforce,” the statement said.

The union assessed that these are the problems of the entire purpose-built industry, which has been plundered by tycoons for years and in conjunction with politicians, while investments in the safety of workers and production facilities are minimal or non-existent.

“The Krushik affair is a school example of a robbery that is still without an epilogue and that is directly connected with the top of the state, ie the current Minister of Defense, Nebojsa Stefanovic,” the Sloga union said in a statement.

According to the union, an example of worker insecurity is also noticeable in the company “Milan Blagojevic” in Lucani, which is managed by Rados Milovanovic.

“The director, who retired in 2004, but is still at the head of the factory through a managerial contract with the Ministry of Defense, although more than 20 workers have died so far under his management,” reads a statement from the Sloga industrial workers’ union.

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