Migrant workers sleep on the streets due to China’s corona measures – corona cases now at record highs

Those released from quarantine can’t get to their quarantined homes in Guangzhou, and in Beijing food couriers are looking for places to stay


At least hundreds of migrant workers who worked in Guangzhou now live on the streets, says a Hong Konger The South China Morning Post -lehti (SCMP).

They have been in quarantine centers due to the coronavirus infection, but after being released from them, they have not been able to go back to their apartments. In Guangzhou, which has a population of 19 million, residential areas are cordoned off, making it difficult to even get inside the apartments in them.

So migrant workers from other provinces now live under bridges and in tents. Some locals have tried to arrange accommodation for them.

in China there were 31,400 new covid cases on Wednesday and the number is increasing. That’s the highest daily number of cases ever. The previous record is from April.

In the rest of the world, such a number would be really small – especially in a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants – but in China, which has pursued a policy of suppressing covid, the number is large.



Workers on a street in Guangzhou on November 20.

The situation in Guangzhou is by far the worst in China, there were 8,800 new disease discoveries on Wednesday, or about a quarter of all new disease cases in China

Migrant workers in quarantine centers are aware of the threat of being put on the street, so they often refuse to leave the centers. The centers are indeed full in Guangzhou, and many people with the virus are waiting at home to be transferred to them.

According to the SCMP, by Thursday, 95,300 people from the locked-down district of Haizhu had been moved to quarantine centers. Haizhu was locked up two weeks ago.

In China, everyone infected with the coronavirus is taken to quarantine centers or hospitals. Close contacts or people who only live in the virus area may also be transferred to different centers.

in Beijing the same thing that happened in the summer in Shanghai during the long shutdown of Shanghai has started to happen now. Food senders are looking for new places to stay when their homes have been foreclosed on.

For example, on Tuesday, a group of 15 food senders searched Chinese social media for a place to stay. They had already slept some nights at their employer’s Meituan regional offices and in the cheapest hotels.

On Wednesday, Meituan announced that it had arranged a decent hotel for them and other consignors in the same situation.


A food courier handed a food package to a customer behind a barricade in Beijing.


A food courier handed a food package to a customer behind a barricade in Beijing.

For food delivery and courier companies, closing time is really profitable, because a lot of orders are made to homes and the transport compensations also start to rise. Therefore, transmitters do not like to stay inside the bracket itself.

During Shanghai’s summer shutdown, many envoys lived under bridges or in tents, but a cold winter is about to begin in Beijing.

in Beijing there is no unified lock even at the level of the district, but apparently at least around 1,300 residential buildings are locked. There are so-called high-risk areas in Beijing, and these days the area is usually defined with the precision of a house.

1,600 new corona cases were found in Beijing with a population of 20 million on Wednesday, which is a record for the corona era. The number is growing all the time.

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