Ukrainian doctors perform life-saving heart surgery on child during ‘blackout’ in Kiev hospital

Russian troops have fired rockets at key Ukrainian infrastructure such as power plants, leaving cities like Kiev without electricity. And that can lead to some pretty nasty situations. A widely shared video shows doctors at a hospital in the Ukrainian capital performing heart surgery on a child during a power cut in the building. The power went out in the middle of the procedure, fortunately the surgeons had backup batteries and power generators and miraculously managed to keep the child alive.

“The surgeons only work with the light of lights on their heads,” a doctor explains the extremely difficult circumstances of the major operation. “We replace two heart valves under two battery-operated lights. Nobody knows how things will go on from now on,” he says worriedly. “Unfortunately it is a matter of minutes. Here is a child on the operating table and suddenly there is no light. Well done, that’s very human,” he concludes the much-watched video sarcastically.

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