Millionaire Vesna collected her winnings: ‘My husband is in such a state that I had to take the bus’

I wasn’t sure if my husband was crying, singing or laughing… he is in such a condition that he can’t drive, so as a millionaire I have to take the bus to Primošte, said the smiling Vesna Lukač, the winner, who in the drawing of Lot 7 on Wednesday also turned the wheel on Second Chance won a prize of HRK 1 million.

Vesna says that the husband is actually the real player, but the pandemic has changed his habits.

– He was in charge of playing every week and it was impossible for him to skip a round. However, since this plague and pandemic arrived, I am the one who is in charge of paying the Loto 7 and Eurojackpot tickets. Even if I accidentally forget, he is there to remind me – says Vesna, who is actually a continental woman from Turnje, but the war and circumstances brought her to the sea.

– I won the prize on the day when, 30 years ago, I had to leave Turanj as an exile due to the war and went to Primošten. In the end, I stayed there, and somehow I consider this win a kind of reward for everything I went through. That’s why I see the name of the game Second Chance as the beginning of something new, just as my departure from Turnje and arrival in Primošten was the beginning of a new era – says Vesna, who fully embraced the Dalmatian way of life.

– The olive harvest has just ended and now we will make oil, and the weather has served us so well that the last time I bathed in the sea was two weeks ago – she said.

He has no plans yet on what he will spend the winnings on.

– As long as he is healthy and serves us, that’s the only thing that matters. And what we will do with the profit is yet to be seen. At the moment, I am also quite confused, and I have already described the condition of my husband. I have to admit that I never thought about whether I would win and what to do with the winnings, and my husband was always the one who told me ‘It’s our million’ and so on week after week. And when it is, it’s really ours – Vesna said at the end, who couldn’t wait to start the journey to her Primošten – to peace, quiet and among the olive trees.

By Editor