Kurti: The agreement is not only about tables
Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, speaking about the details of the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, said that “it was not Kosovo that changed its position, but (head of European diplomacy) Joseph Borel”.

“Our goal was for the Franco-German proposal for normalization, through a legally binding international agreement with Serbia, to become a matter of negotiations in Brussels, towards reaching an agreement, which is normal and democratic,” Kosovo Prime Minister Aljbin Kurti said in the parliament, adding that it was not Kosovo that changed its attitude, but Josep Borel.

According to Radio KiM, Kurti presented some of the details of the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia in Brussels from Wednesday evening before the members of the Parliament of Kosovo and pointed out that the issue of license plates is technical, but “the consequences are more than political”.

“I was offered a document, as a joint agreement that had 95 words and the words of France and Germany were nowhere and did not refer to the Franco-German proposal, except for the issuance of license plates,” Kurti relayed the details of the conversation on Monday.

“Meanwhile, the document from Wednesday has 194 words, it is completely different. Those who say that what was not accepted on Monday was accepted on Wednesday, do not know what they are talking about. Borel’s statement has been changed, but we have not changed our position. Borel is changed the statement,” Kurti said.

According to him, the dialogue process is entering the phase of negotiations on the general framework for the first time, which will be legally binding and solve fundamental problems from the perspective of international law.

Kurti emphasized that Wednesday’s agreement is not just about license plates.

“We agreed to reciprocally suspend the actions, so we will not issue fines for KM license plates and we will give space to negotiations on the European proposal, which we previously called the Franco-German proposal,” Kurti concluded.

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