Conservative Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi spoke today (Monday) for the first time since winning the election, discussing the foreign policy he will promote: “We will not be limited to the nuclear agreement, the good of our people will not be subject to it.” Later, when asked if he would meet with US President Joe Biden, he replied in the negative, adding: “We will be interacting with the whole world.”

Hassan Rouhani congratulates the elected President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi. Photo: Reuters

The president accused the United States of violating the nuclear deal and argued that Europe, along with the United States, should revive the 2015 agreement. In addition, he called for the lifting of sanctions against Tehran.

Raissy claimed that the United States had acted unfairly when it imposed sanctions on him, accusing him of human rights violations, and explained: “I did my job as a judge,” he clarified: In his speech, he also clarified that Iran’s missile program is not negotiable.

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