Civilians flee Kherson after Russian strikes on the liberated city

Hundreds of civilians fled Kherson today, fleeing constant Russian shelling just weeks after the Ukrainian army took over the city.

The line of trucks, vans and cars with trailers starting to leave the city was a kilometer or more long.

Although happy that their city has been returned, the residents have to leave it because the shelling by Russian forces continues for days.

The emergency project coordinator for the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières in Ukraine, Emily Forey, said the evacuation of 400 patients from a psychiatric hospital in Kherson began on Thursday and is expected to continue.

Repair crews across Ukraine scrambled today to restore heating, power and water services disrupted by Russian shelling.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in the capital city of Kyiv, participated in meetings with several leaders of the European Union during the International Summit on Food Safety.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmykhal said that Ukraine has allocated 900 million hryvnias ($24 million) to buy corn for Yemen, Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria.

“Ukraine knows what hunger is and we don’t want people to die again in the 21st century because of Russia and its inhumane methods,” he said.

Ukrainians marked the 90th anniversary of the start of the “Holodomor,” or Great Famine, in which more than three million people died over two years as the Soviet government under dictator Joseph Stalin confiscated food and grain supplies and deported many Ukrainians.

On the occasion of the commemoration, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz drew parallels with the impact of the war in Ukraine on world markets.

Exports from Ukraine have resumed under a UN-brokered deal, but are still far from pre-war levels, leading to a rise in global prices.

“Today we are united in declaring that hunger must never again be used as a weapon,” Scholz said.

He said that Germany, along with the UN World Food Program, will provide an additional 15 million euros for further grain deliveries from Ukraine.

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