Brnabić: Romania does not change its position on Kosovo (VIDEO)
The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, said today after a meeting with her Romanian counterpart, Nicolai Ćuk, in Bucharest, that Romania does not intend to change its position on the issue of Kosovo.
“The Romanian Prime Minister repeated to me today at the meeting that Romania continues to lead a policy of respect for the territorial integrity of Serbia and will not give up on that regardless of any pressure,” Brnabić told reporters in Bucharest.When asked by a journalist if Ćuka told her that Romania was asked to change its position, Brnabić said that she didn’t even ask him, but that, as she stated, she knows “that they are under pressure”.

“I think that each of us knows that especially these five EU member states that do not recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, constantly suffer great pressure because there are some other member states that are always pushing for the EU not to be neutral in status, while it is status neutral neutral,” Brnabić told reporters in Bucharest.

She pointed out that in the last 48 hours, Serbia heard from its partners in Spain, and today also in Romania, that they do not intend to change their position on Kosovo, which she assessed as commendable and good for stability in Europe and the world.

“Because these are countries that adhere to the basic principles of international law and the UN charter, which is the inviolability of the territorial integrity of internationally recognized states such as Serbia,” she pointed out.

Brnabić said that in Bucharest she participated in a panel on the Western Balkans as part of the Munich Security Conference, adding that representatives of the region participated in that meeting, but there were no representatives of Pristina.

According to her, it was a meeting behind closed doors where they discussed the European integration of the entire region, regional initiatives such as the Open Balkans, the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and, as she stated, “the constructive role of President Aleksandar Vučić and all of us in Belgrade in order to find a compromise and preserve peace and stability, not only in the Western Balkans but also in the whole of Europe”.

Speaking about her meeting with her Romanian colleague, Brnabić stated that the conversation was meaningful, that energy was mostly discussed and that the establishment of a joint Serbian-Romanian chamber of commerce was planned.

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