According to the report, China has set up centers abroad to monitor its citizens.

You have has invited the Chinese ambassador to Ottawa to hear about the information according to which China has established its own police stations in the Toronto area without permission, according to the newspaper, among others The Globe and Mail and news agency AFP.

The issue was revealed earlier by Safeguard Defenders, an NGO operating in Madrid from the report. In September, it listed more than 50 “police service centers” established by China abroad, from which Chinese living abroad are monitored. According to the report, some of these centers have helped China carry out its police operations abroad and have used them to pressure Chinese people to return to China to face criminal charges.

Canadian police are investigating three such centers – a private residence, a one-story commercial apartment and a grocery store – from which Chinese people living in Canada are known to have been harassed.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police already announced in October that it “takes security threats to those living in Canada seriously and is aware that foreign powers may seek to intimidate or harm communities or individuals in Canada.”

China has denied police operations in foreign countries. According to it, these are service points where Chinese citizens can, for example, renew their driver’s licenses.

According to AFP, Canada has pointed out that under the Vienna Convention, consular services and similar administrative services can only be provided abroad by an embassy or consulate.

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