The DFB team has had many glaring issues for a very long time

A game of data for a very long time was football. Everything is broken down and examined, including packing values, expected goals, and passes made for each defensive play. Constantly trying to understand football and, ideally, being able to explain the unexplainable. Even the next world champion may be predicted scientifically. The algorithm is appreciated.

The German national team was the greatest of all favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar, according to the business Goal Impact. not instinctively, but rather based on reliable information.

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The team led by national coach Hansi Flick had a precise 22.2% chance of winning the world championship. With just 9.4 percent, France, the current champion, came in second.

Getting into the round of 16? It was merely a formality for the Germans on Thursday evening prior to the start of the last group game with a 59.3 percent probability.

Football is more than simply arithmetic.

But as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge realized many years ago, soccer isn’t just math. The Germans had to painfully discover once more on Thursday that reality is more powerful than the greatest algorithm.

They lost in the World Cup preliminary round for the second time in a row. despite all odds. Similar to how it was in Russia four years prior, when it was even the reigning champion. Even though the accumulation points to a trend, each case needs to be examined separately. As far as the results are concerned as well.

Germany beat Costa Rica 4-2 but was unable to advance into the round of 16 because Japan also won.

In the final group game four years ago, the Germans had everything in their own hands but fell to the South Koreans, who were already out of the tournament. The national team didn’t play flawlessly this time against Costa Rica, but they still managed to prevail because they were able to come together and tighten up under pressure. Still, it wasn’t sufficient.

Don’t rely on other people. Most importantly, one should not depend on others. The national team must take responsibility for the opening loss versus Japan.

The prevailing perception is still that the early elimination is not a coincidence after three games. The national team’s manager, Oliver Bierhoff, stated, “You have to be clear: It’s just not enough.”

The team has long-standing issues, such as some recklessness in front of both goals. These issues were also evident against Costa Rica.

Thomas Müller expresses his retirement from the DFB squad with the words “Dear People, Thank You Very Much.”

Additionally, there are structural flaws in both the national team roster and German football as a whole, including an excess of excellent midfielders and a glaring deficiency in defenders and potent forwards.

Of course, as a coach, you may also effectively manage this deficiency, but if you consider the unique characteristics of this World Cup in Qatar, which conflict with the schedule of international games, then you must ask: when?

Flick, a national coach, is not guilt-free.

Hansi Flick is not completely innocent. He made choices during the game against Japan that contributed to the loss, and ultimately to the team’s elimination from the first round. Perhaps he also miscalculated his lack of time to prepare properly, which normally entails selecting a starting lineup for a competition.

Who will play defense with Antonio Rüdiger is one of the many questions that Flick has left open for a long time. In the back four, who should play left and right? Who follows Joshua Kimmich in the order of sixth? And who gets to be the center forward? When there should have been clarity long ago, there were still too many unfilled posts. Because of this, Flick appeared to be a seeker throughout the competition.

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Perhaps Flick was also to blame; after all, it was his first competition in charge of the national team. This sets him apart from Joachim Löw, who had served in that position for twelve years by 2018. At the very least with the preliminary round, something had come to an end, but Löw, in defiance of popular opinion, clung to the national coach position he had grown to like.

Most likely, Hansi Flick won’t have to anticipate a referendum on his termination. Before the match against Costa Rica, he had proactively declared his intention to play on. He merits the opportunity. just to demonstrate that he is capable of more.

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