The Swedish parliament today (Monday) voted no confidence in Prime Minister Stefan Leben, and it is estimated that the country will soon go to early elections. 181 of the 349 members of the Riksdag, the Swedish House of Representatives, voted in favor of the proposal to overthrow Leben’s government, while 109 deputies opposed and another 51 abstained. In doing so, Peven, who has been in office since 2014, became the first prime minister in Swedish history to lose a no.confidence vote.

Now Pavan has to decide within two options within a week. He could resign and then invite House Speaker Anders Nurlan to try to form a new government. Leben can also call for new elections that must take place within three months – a government official said it was a reasonable option.

Leben formed a minority government of the Social Democrats and Greens after the 2018 elections ended without a decision and he was forced to rely on the support of two small center.right parties and the left.wing party.

The coalition crisis began after the left.wing party withdrew its support for the government last week due to Leben’s intention to ease rents in renting new apartments. The far.right Swedish Democratic Party took the opportunity to call for a no.confidence vote in the prime minister and Leven’s attempts to advance a compromise to prevent the loss in the vote were unsuccessful.

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Jimmy Exxon, the leader of the Swedish Democrats, did not hide his joy at the historic success in the vote and estimated that new elections would be held. Abba Bush, the leader of the Christian Democrats, also made it clear that she was ready for the election. “We were held several times during this government tenure,” she said. “If there is an election, we have a lot of things ready already.”

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