Macedonians reduced their consumption of expensive electricity after the introduction of the block tariff

The citizens of North Macedonia reduced their electricity consumption in the expensive tariff by 16.32 percent following the introduction of the block tariff, according to the analysis of the Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE), published today.

As stated, from July 1, when the block tariff was introduced, until October 31, the average consumption of electricity in the “high, expensive tariff” was 244 kilowatt-hours (KWH), which is 16.32 percent less than in in the same period last year, when the average consumption was 281 kilowatt-hours. “This reform is successful, block tariffs give results and achieve the targeted goal of rational use of electricity. The principle that those who consume more pay more and those who spend less pay less has an effect, and this is shown by the analysis of the average consumption of electricity at a high tariff,” said RKE President Marko Bislimoski.

The regulatory commission for energy of North Macedonia reminded that on July 1, it introduced four block tariffs in order to send a signal for the rational use of electricity.

The first block is for consumption up to 210 kilowatt-hours, the second is from 211-630 kilowatt-hours, the third is in the range from 631 to 1,050 kilowatt-hours, and the fourth is above 1,050 kilowatt-hours.

Most citizens are in the first two blocks.

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