US Navy intercepts more than 50 tons of munitions allegedly bound for Yemen

The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet has announced the interception of more than 50 tons of munitions concealed on a fishing boat en route to Yemen.

The operation took place on December 1 and was carried out by the crew of the expeditionary mobile base ship ‘USS Lewis B. Puller’ during a verification maneuver.

The shipment included more than a million 7.62mm caliber cartridges; 25,000 12.7mm cartridges; about 7,000 rocket fuzes and 2,100 fuel for self-propelled grenades.

The commander of the Naval Central Command, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, has denounced that the shipment came from Iran destined for the Huthi insurgency in Yemen, backed by the Islamic republic in its war against the Yemeni government.

“This significant seizure clearly demonstrates the ongoing illegal transfer of lethal aid and destabilizing behavior from Iran,” Cooper said in the Navy statement released Saturday.

The Houthis have not ruled on this operation beyond condemning “America’s behavior in the Red Sea”, whose practices “endanger international peace and security”, according to a statement from the Houthi Foreign Ministry collected by the portal South24.

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