Report: Lebanon arrested 185 suspects in cooperation with Israel

Today (Wednesday) it was announced that the Lebanese security forces have arrested 185 citizens suspected of collaborating with Israel, since the beginning of the financial collapse about three years ago in a country where the majority of the population is below the poverty line.

This number is a record number compared to previous years, for example over 100 people were arrested on charges of spying for Israel in Lebanon between April 2009 and 2014, when the vast majority were military or media personnel.

Before the beginning of the economic collapse, in which Lebanon was classified by the World Bank among the worst rankings in the world since 1850, the number of arrests attributed to the same charge did not exceed four or five people a year.

A security official told the French news agency that “this is the first time we are witnessing arrests on the above scale, and the reason for this is the employment crisis”, apparently “the main reason is the economic deterioration, the consequences of the collapse of the pound and then the explosion of the port of Beirut, and this causes the Lebanese to look for another source of income to earn a living,” he claimed.

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