“The Iranians have chosen not only the next president, but also the one who can replace the supreme leader Ali Khamenei“This is what Prof. Eyal Zisser, from the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University, said today (Sunday) in a conversation with Erel Segal and Yariv Oppenheimer. He added in a conversation on 103FM that “I think it’s good to see who Iran is, we had Rouhani, Zarif, prom masks and lip candy and here’s one – Ibrahim Raisi “That says exactly what Iran wants.”

According to him, sometimes it is better to know what you are facing, and not to be told stories. “As everyone says it does not really matter, Iran has a direction and it is moving in it,” Prof. Zisser explained. “Iranian considerations are complex, there are internal ones, and not just those in front of or against the West.” He added: “If the Americans surrender, why give them a reward for conciliation and kindness? The Iranian message is that they do not get a reward for it. The Americans fold and we stand our ground.”

“There is no contradiction here. I suppose if the Americans so want to reach an agreement, they will come even when there is this person at the head of Iran,” he said, “I think it is a result that there was a moderate president, Rouhani, so now you will get him.” Asked if this was likely to affect Iran’s nuclear deal violations, or to exaggerate the country, he replied: “Iran on the boards, they need the agreement as breathing air, to rebuild the economy; and they accept the agreement without much consideration on their part.”

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