“The Iranians have chosen not only the next president, but also the one who can replace the supreme leader Ali Khamenei“This is what Prof- Eyal Zisser, from the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University, said today (Sunday) in a conversation with Erel Segal and Yariv Oppenheimer- He added in a conversation on 103FM that “I think it’s good to see who Iran is, we had Rouhani, Zarif, prom masks and lip candy and here’s one – Ibrahim Raisi “That says exactly what Iran wants-“

According to him, sometimes it is better to know what you are facing, and not to be told stories- “As everyone says it does not really matter, Iran has a direction and it is moving in it,” Prof- Zisser explained- “Iranian considerations are complex, there are internal ones, and not just those in front of or against the West-” He added: “If the Americans surrender, why give them a reward for conciliation and kindness? The Iranian message is that they do not get a reward for it- The Americans fold and we stand our ground-“

“There is no contradiction here- I suppose if the Americans so want to reach an agreement, they will come even when there is this person at the head of Iran,” he said, “I think it is a result that there was a moderate president, Rouhani, so now you will get him-” Asked if this was likely to affect Iran’s nuclear deal violations, or to exaggerate the country, he replied: “Iran on the boards, they need the agreement as breathing air, to rebuild the economy; and they accept the agreement without much consideration on their part-“

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