– “The recovery of a country, more than ever in this delicate moment, rests on the collaboration and synergistic effort of all the powers and institutions that must be able to accompany the evolution of society, responding to the needs of relaunching the economy, without leaving aside the necessary consideration of the demands of social equity and the protection of rights and legitimate interests “. This is the message sent to Turin by Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the occasion of the meeting “From the 190 years of the Racconigi edict to the 50 years of the law establishing the regional administrative courts”, organized at the Carignano Theater in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

“All this presupposes an efficient and high-quality administrative justice – added Draghi – based on clear rules, certain deadlines and the protection of legal positions. In the context of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the role of administrative justice was enhanced by identifying, as is known, strengthening measures aimed at increasing productivity and reducing the backlog. For the realization of this objective of the Plan and more generally to guarantee the reasonable duration of the process also for the new litigation, I trust in the effective contribution of the entire administrative judiciary “.

And finally: “I know that the times of Italian administrative justice are already competitive today with those of other European countries, but what is needed at the moment is to consolidate a vision of jurisdiction, especially the administrative one, which is increasingly aware of the economic impact of its decisions and which certainly knows how to draw from this awareness, certainly not a conditioning of judgments , but a useful piece of knowledge. The judge must apply the rules to a reality that is changeable and to do so he must understand and know that reality “.

“In wishing you good work, I allow myself to convey the sentiments of confidence on the future of our country that characterize this historic moment, in which, within the sphere of their respective competences, the maximum commitment of all institutions is needed, in order to overcome, also thanks to the resources of the Plan, the current crisis and deliver a better Italy to future generations and therefore also administrative justice better “, concludes Draghi.

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