Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic reiterated today that he would not resign from that position and added that he had taken on obligations and responsibilities, and that he would not give in to the first challenge.

The leaders of the parties that make up the parliamentary majority will meet on Thursday to discuss overcoming the current political crisis, which especially escalated after the removal of Justice Minister Vladimir Leposavic at the request of Krivokapic and the adoption of the Resolution on the Srebrenica genocide.

“I have taken on obligations and responsibilities and I will not give in to the first challenge. The citizens of Montenegro need a better standard of living, justice and a better future. They do not need people who give up, but those who will fight for their interests,” Krivokapic told Podgorica. Dan.

Krivokapić’s resignation is demanded by the Democratic Front (DF), the strongest alliance of the ruling majority, and in the previous days, the leaders of that alliance and Krivokapić exchanged serious accusations.

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