Finally free: About 13 years after being transferred to her father’s responsibility, tonight (Friday through Saturday) Jamie Spears’ guardianship of his daughter, successful singer Britney Spears, ended. The guardianship was immediately overturned by the Los Angeles Supreme Court, after her lawyer said the “safety net” for the singer was ready and she could break free from her father’s control.

“Today is the time to end custody,” said attorney Matthew Rosengart, who thanked Judge Brenda Penny after hearing the decision. The judge further ruled that her decision would not depend on a medical examination of the singer, who was not present at the court hearing.

The singer herself reacted on Instagram to the decision, and to the fact that hundreds of her fans gathered outside the courtroom to support her: “I love my fans so much that it’s crazy. I think I’ll cry all day. It’s the best day of my life, thank God.”

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