Activists at the protest are asking for the mural to be turned over for Mladic, the walk to be canceled due to a group of right.wingers

Opponents of the mural of General Ratko Mladic, convicted of war crimes, gathered tonight on Cvetni trg in Belgrade for a protest organized by several civil society organizations, from where they said that the mural must be painted over, but gave up walking to Njegos Street.

Activist Aida Ćorović told the gathered that the activists will not go to Njegoševa Street, where the mural is, because there are “too many police, right-wingers and bad vibes”.

Nearly 20 supporters of Mladic’s mural gathered at the same place, shouting “Ratko Mladic”, “Aida, come in”, which was addressed to activist Aida Corovic, who was arrested five days ago for shooting eggs at the mural, as well as “Aida, Ustasha”. “N1, Ustasha” and “Stašo, Ustasho” were sent to the activist of the NGO Women in Black, Stasa Zajović.

Corovic told those gathered that she would “win”, stating that the victory had already begun.

“Do you remember how Hitler’s fall began? He started gathering boys, scraping the bottom of a German tub. These guys standing next to us tonight, unfortunately on the other side, are what (President of Serbia) Aleksandar Vucic is scraping. It announces all that. its end. This regime will not last long, “she said.

Speaking about the group of right-wingers, Ćorović stated that she “loves” them and that “they are someone’s children”, but that she defends the mural out of fear and helplessness.

The representative of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Ivan Djurić, said that tonight is the continuation of the fight for the rule of law in Serbia and not the right of the stronger.

He stated that it was a continuation of the resistance to the fact that part of Belgrade was occupied by thugs and right-wingers, stating that they could not determine “whether to move or not”. “Our biggest problem is what they are protecting and who they are protecting,” he said, adding that they were protecting the painting and mural of Mladic, who said in a television camera in July 1995 that he was giving Srebrenica to the Serbian people a week later. more than 8,000 people were shot.

Djuric assessed that because of that, the responsibility of the Serbian people and the debt towards the victims in Srebrenica is great, because it was “allegedly done in our name”.

At the protest, those gathered carried banners “Mural must fall”, “Cow, 1,313 men and boys killed”, “Chicken, 1,735 men and boys killed”.

A large number of police officers were present at the protest, mostly standing between supporters and opponents of the mural.

Women in Black developed a banner “We will never forget the genocide in Srebrenica”.

Opposition politicians are among those gathered.

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