More than 700,000 people in Serbia have diabetes, and every fourth person lives in Belgrade, said today the mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic.

As the city portal Beoinfo reported, Radojicic said on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, that Belgrade, in alliance with the family of the world’s largest cities, takes care of urban development and raising the awareness of the population about the problem of diabetes.

“We have diabetes counseling centers in city health centers and we conduct socially engaged campaigns in which we motivate people to walk, socialize and be physically active,” said Radojicic.

According to him, through the project “City Health Trails”, the number of trails for damage, as well as bicycle paths, is increasing.

Radojicic also stated that tonight the symbols of the city, such as Branko’s and the Bridge on Ada, the Palace of Albania and the large dome of the House of the National Assembly, will be illuminated in blue on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day.

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