“A pact between the parties of the majority to secure the maneuver”.  Enrico Letta’s appeal

“If they don’t move to after the approval of the maneuver the just and legitimate discussions that we have to make about the best solution for the Colle, the budget law will get in the way and tensions will rise in the country “, said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, in an interview with” La Stampa “.

The strategies on the next president – he adds – cannot interfere with decisions that millions of citizens await, such as those on pensions. Otherwise we will end up feeding the idea that politics has become the obstacle. And then we will have to go to the elections “.

On the holding of the majority, Letta emphasizes: “Me too I see a fraying in progress which I fear very much, because the opposite is needed right now. An assumption of responsibility by the political forces in support of Draghi. A pact between the parties that support this government. I propose a meeting of all the leaders of the majority with the premier for this agreement to be formalized: let’s lock in the maneuver and the necessary adjustments that we will agree together in Parliament. Everyone renounces his flag for a result shared by all “.

“To imagine that on the first maneuver of this government there could be a parliamentary Vietnam – according to the dem secretary – is not acceptable”.

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