– Now it’s official: from midnight in Austria the lockdown for people not vaccinated against Covid-19 will start. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (OeVP) announced today after the videoconference with the governors of the nine Laender.

The ‘no vax’ lockdown will affect around two million out of nine million people living in Austria. The block does not concern school activities. Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein (Verdi) did not rule out further measures if the escalation of the infection continues.

“Austria has a disgracefully low vaccination rate, the pandemic situation is severe and we are not taking this step lightly but sadly it is necessary,” Schallenberg said.

From midnight, therefore, in all Austrian Laender the ‘2G rule which will affect people vaccinated or cured within six months. Unvaccinated people will be able to go to work, go for walks and shop. Children under the age of twelve are excluded from the lockdown.

Those who do not show a ‘2G’ certificate, i.e. recovery within six months from Covid-19 (genesen) or vaccinated (geimpft), will be able to leave their home only for reasons that were already known from the previous three lockdowns: to go to the workplace , carry out necessary commissions, carry out individual physical activity and “meet basic religious needs”.

Individual Laender will be able to apply stricter measures. As stated in the ‘no vax’ lockdown project, the restrictions are intended to “prevent the collapse of the health system”. The first lockdown deadline for ‘no vax’ will be November 24th but then it should be extended.

“It will be monitored very consistently and it will be sanctioned very consistently,” Schallenberg said of the lockdown and checks that will take place from midnight. Anyone who does not respect the rules or refuses to be checked can be fined up to 1450 euros. The arrest was also contemplated. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announces: “Everyone who has lived in Austria since Monday can be controlled by the police when they enter public spaces.”

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