Attorney for detainees in Turkey: I will come to the detention center to meet them, a breakthrough

the lawyer Nir Jaslovitch, Representing the couple Natalie and the Oknin rebels arrested in Turkey, updated this morning (Monday) in a conversation with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM about the latest developments in the affair. “Today at 10:30 I will arrive at the local court to get official permission to enter the detention center to see Natalie and Mordi that this is a breakthrough in itself,” he said.

“This was done after many efforts from the Prime Minister’s Office, including high-ranking officials in the Foreign Ministry. This is a very big breakthrough. I can commend the Bar Association which even helped with the local Bar Association in Turkey,” he added.

“Things are going at a different pace here. It is important for me to convey the message – we do not work and it is impossible to work here with a stopwatch in hand and say as I heard about 48 critical hours, do not work here with this method. This is the Israeli method – not the Turkish one.”

When asked if he had spoken to his Turkish counterpart who was with the couple, he replied: “Certainly he is my local partner. We are working on preparing an appeal which of course aims to work for the release of Natalie and Mordi.”

He went on to say: “I commend the Turkish authorities’ treatment of Natalie and the rebels. The procedure is conducted in a proper and respectful manner and the actions that are being carried out must be allowed to be carried out in the proper and appropriate manner.”

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