Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said he expects Pristina to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Serbia during his term.

Kurti told Radio Free Europe (RFE) that he could not predict when that would happen, but that he expected it to be before the expiration of his term, the term of US President Joseph Biden and the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell.

He added that the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia depends much more on Serbia’s readiness to change its approach and itself.

“There is a lack of progress (in the dialogue) and it did not start with us, there was a lack of progress much earlier, but we pointed out that a large part of its absence is due to wrong approaches. Harmful agreements were signed for Kosovo. “We need a new approach, in which citizens are the winners, with reciprocal recognition at the center,” Kurti said.

He stated that the issue of missing topics on which Kosovo is ready to engage immediately.

Regarding yesterday’s statement by European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell that he expects a meeting between Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Brussels before the end of the year, the Kosovo Prime Minister says that we should first see how the talks between Serbia-Kosovo chief negotiators Petar Petković and Besnik Bislimi will go. Brussels.

“Only after that can we say what is the perspective of a future meeting (at the level of leaders), in which case of course you need to know the purpose of such a meeting. In principle, I do not say ‘NO’ to the meeting, but of course we must know the elements of the next meeting, ”Kurti said.

Asked how he plans to resolve the situation with the agreement on the Union of Serbian Municipalities, which Pristina refuses to implement, and which both Serbia and the EU insist on, Kurti said that the dialogue is not conducted to bring Kosovo into question, but to normalize relations with Serbia.

“And for the normalization of relations, I believe that Serbia needs to change much more. It must democratize, it must establish the rule of law, it must face the past and it must have some kind of symmetry of reciprocity of minority rights,” he said.

He stated that the dialogue in Brussels “is not a dialogue on the status of Kosovo, nor on the internal issues of Kosovo, but on the status of relations between the two countries.”

“Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state, with territorial integrity, with many problems. We are not a problem in ourselves, we have many problems, and one of them, perhaps the main one, is Serbia,” he added.

Kurti reiterated that Serbia currently spends more on the army than the other five economies of the Western Balkans combined, and that it does not do that because of Hungary and Romania.

“This militarization of Serbia is very worrying for us,” the Kosovo prime minister told RFE / RL.

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