Barbados currently operates only 18 diplomatic missions, but it is precisely the small island state that becomes the first in the world to establish an embassy in the meta (Towers) universe, the digital world based on virtual reality and augmented reality that integrates with the realistic universe.

Barbados’ foreign ministry this week signed an agreement with the Decenterland company to set up the digital embassy in Towers. Decenterland is a virtual reality platform that is based on the digital currency Atherium and allows users to purchase plots of land in the meta-universe to build on, navigate them and even make money.

Following the deal, Barbados is preparing to turn around To the first state to legally declare sovereignty over digital real estate, With the official establishment of the embassy, ​​whose activities are scheduled to begin in January. It has not yet been announced what activities the diplomatic mission will engage in, but experts have indicated that it will still be subject to international law and the Vienna Convention governing international art law.

The State Department is also preparing to sign agreements with other platforms in the field of meteors to assist in the digital land acquisition, design of missions and the development of certain services such as “teleporter” that will allow users to move their avatars between different worlds.
Embassy Barbados in the UAE Gabriel Abed explained that his country intends to expand significantly beyond the new embassy and purchase digital land in a variety of worlds.

“The idea is not to pick a winner,” he said in a conversation with CoinDesk, which revealed the establishment of the embassy. “The Matevers is still very young and new, and we want to ensure that what we build can be transferred between all the meta worlds.”

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