Novakovic: Prosecution to interrogate Vucevic and launch investigation into pool reconstruction at SPENS center
Today, the vice president of the People’s Party, Borislav Novaković, called on the prosecution to initiate an investigation into criminal responsibility for the “catastrophic reconstruction” of the swimming pool in the “SPENS” center in that city, for which one million euros were spent and nothing was done.

“Based on the request for access to information of public importance, I was presented with two documents prepared by professors of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, one on the analysis of omissions during the rehabilitation of the pool, and the other is a study on correcting errors and shortcomings. “, said Novakovic at the joint press conference of the People’s Party, SAA, DS, PSG and the Movement for Change.

Novakovic added that there are four types of responsibility in that case, of which in the first place is the responsibility of the principal, primarily the mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic, without whose consent no dinar could be spent, and that he should first be called to hearing.

“The second type of responsibility is catastrophic design, and the third is the way of performing the works, since many mistakes have been stated. The fourth type of responsibility is supervision,” Novakovic said.

Novakovic reminded that Vucevic said earlier that he expected the attorney’s office to react and assess whether he would initiate criminal or civil proceedings due to the “scandalous reconstruction of the pool”, but that the attorney’s office has not announced itself until today.

“Vučević also said that he would take political responsibility and that he personally considers himself responsible, but also a certain circle of people whom he has not named until today,” said Novaković.

Novakovic stated that the professors of the Faculty of Technical Sciences stated that there was no study on the condition of the pool construction before the rehabilitation, nor a technical sketch with the position and types of damage, nor photo documentation, and asked how “then it was possible to perform the rehabilitation”.

“The concrete for reconstruction was not made in a concrete factory to be of uniform quality, but with a mixer on the spot, so it was stated that the concrete was of uneven and unknown quality, which caused damage. This is not done when people pour a slab for a house in the countryside. “, said Novakovic.

Novakovic added that he gained insight into the documents on the reconstruction of the pool in the Administration for Property and Property-Legal Issues of Novi Sad.

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