Escalation in a confrontation of Polish authorities with refugees trying to cross the border into Belarus. Yesterday, the Polish police reported that one of its policemen was seriously injured and was suffering from a skull crisis following a stone thrown at him by one of the refugees. The Polish Minister of Defense accused the refugees of attacking Polish soldiers and attempting to break into the country by force. According to him, the soldiers use only tear gas against those attackers and do not use violence. Yesterday it was reported that the Polish authorities are also using water hoses against the refugees.

Despite harsh reports from Poland, EU circles in Brussels have in recent days speculated that Poles are deliberately exaggerating in describing the conflict with refugees in an attempt to drag Western countries into a confrontation with Russia. “Help from the European border protection agency ‘Frontex’, whose role is to protect the Union’s borders.”

He added that “the ban on the media and NGOs from approaching the border area prevents a proper assessment of the situation of the people trapped between the Polish barbed wire fences and the military forces in Belarus and this is very problematic.” In Brussels, it is claimed that the Polish attempt to present “several thousand refugees as an existential threat to the security of Europe and the West is intended to drag NATO into the conflict.” The Poles stressed yesterday that the crisis “could last for years.”

Polish police forces on the border with Belarus (Photo: Leonid Scheglov / BelTA / Handout via REUTERS)

Although the union is currently preparing a package of sanctions against personalities close to the dictator and ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, there is also criticism of Poland as such, partly due to its intention to build a wall that would form a kind of “security fence” on the border with Belarus. In the meantime, although so far German Chancellor Angela Merkel Was the only Western leader to speak with Lukashenko, in Russia praised the direct contacts “created between European leaders and Belarus” to explore ways to resolve the crisis.

In Germany, it was explained that the talks between Merkel and Lukashenko, who spoke again yesterday, dealt mainly with the need for humanitarian aid to refugees. In France, it was said that the long telephone conversation that took place this week between Presidents Putin and Macron about the refugee crisis at the border ended without agreements.

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