Workers from Vietnam engaged in the construction of the Chinese factory Linglong, who live in inhumane conditions, were not moved to another location today, as some media reported.

This was also confirmed by Ngijen Van Tri, who was fired due to conversations with journalists.

He said that they came to Zrenjanin five months ago and that the agency that organized the business deceived them, and that, as he stated, “nothing is as promised”, that their passports were confiscated, that they had no money and that they want to go home.

Zrenjanin Action (ZRAK) activist Miso Zivanov said that ZRAK activists, as soon as the information about the relocation of workers appeared last night, came to the barracks and made sure that there were only private security cars, and that workers from Vietnam were in the same premises.

“In Serbia, people know how some workers live, but this is literally modern slavery in action,” he said, adding that the workers had received one salary since May this year and that their passports had not been returned, adding that they were “detainees of the leadership.” Linglong and our system. “

Zivanov pointed out that ZRAK wants to help those workers and that they have brought them solidarity help in the previous days as well.

“They don’t even have clothes for winter conditions, we gave them socks, shoes, winter clothes, and we are still working to help them want to get out of here,” he said.

Civic Reversal activist Dusan Kokot told the Beta agency that for all those who follow the construction of the Linglong factory, the events with the workers are not a surprise and that these “terrible pictures were expected”.

“If that factory can violate all laws for two and a half years, if the state ignores it, if no one reacts to reports and administrative disputes, not even the labor inspection … it would be really stupid to expect that the status of employees and those who they will work, to be in accordance with the laws of Serbia, “said Kokot.

He also pointed out that “everything is allowed” for that investor, and if he can violate the law on planning and construction, environment, state aid, why not violate the laws on the employment status of employees.

Solidarity Kitchen distributed food to workers from Vietnam, some of whom appeared in front of the cameras in slippers, without socks and poorly dressed.


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