Stefanović: Croatia is teaching lessons to Serbia, and it has not faced its own crimes
Today, the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Nebojsa Stefanovic, criticized Croatia’s attitude towards Serbia, stating that that country never had a leadership ready to face its own crimes.Regarding the interview of former Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor for Danas, Stefanovic said that “it is clear that she is saying what the Croatian authorities think”, not only about Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, but also about Serbia as a whole, the Defense Ministry said.

“Kosor clearly exposes the essence of Croatia’s policy towards Serbia, which means that Serbia was good to Croatia only when it was weak, when it came to apologize for everything for which it is not responsible and guilty, and when it was incomparably economically, politically and and militarily, weaker than Croatia, “Stefanovic said.

Kosor told Danas, among other things, that Vucic is “the only leader not only in Europe, but also beyond, who has a war past.”

“I can’t imagine that Vučić will one day be the leader of an EU member state. The first association when Vučić is told to me is a picture of him above Sarajevo with a rifle, or how he carries beer (to Radical leader Vojislav) Seselj in a box, or how in 1995 Glina, in Croatia, shouted at the rally that it would never be Croatia, “Kosor said.

Stefanović states that Croatia “is still trying in every possible way to escape from its Ustasha crimes, which it is often proud of and glorifies.”

“We are talking about a country that was the only one in Europe to have special concentration camps for children in World War II. Not even Nazi Germany, of which Croatia was a vassal, had them. We are also talking about a country that expelled more than “250,000 Serbs, their own citizens, from the centuries-old hearths, because they did not fit into the ethnically pure image of Croatia. Such a country is teaching lessons to Serbia today,” said the Serbian Minister of Defense.

He added that Croats “above all, cannot forgive Vučić the fact that Serbia is more successful today than Croatia.”

“This is the most common envy, because today Serbia can do more than Croatia. And it is obvious that the Croatian establishment speaks through the mouths of Jadranka Kosor and the like, when they will not say it themselves,” said Stefanović.

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