Immigrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border: After the EU threatened this week to impose further sanctions on Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko has claimed that his country is trying to persuade immigrants, who are near the western border, to return home, but so far without success.

At the same time, after the border from Belarus to the EU remained closed, the Iraqi government called on its citizens who are on the border between the two countries to return home. The country’s foreign ministry reported that in the first flight departing today from Minsk International Airport to Arbil, 430 people were registered, most of them Kurds, and in the end about 374 people boarded the flight.

Immigrant children on the Belarus-Poland border

Meanwhile, the Belarusian news agency “Balta” reported that the presidential spokeswoman had pledged that Belarus would return 5,000 migrants and refugees to their countries of origin. This is as part of the Belarusian proposal to fix the crisis along the border with Poland. The proposal came after the President of Belarus spoke several times with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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