The FDA has approved for Pfizer and Moderna the booster vaccines for those aged 18 and over

The FDA announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to the additional dose of the adult vaccine on the condition that six months pass from the second vaccine. The regulatory body that will determine if the Americans can get the extra vaccine will convene later tonight for a vote

The US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, approved at noon (Friday) the Booster vaccines of the Pfizer and Modern companies for those aged 18 and over, and later tonight there will be a discussion at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Despite FDA approval today, ten states in the United States are already vaccinating their residents with a third dose of Pfizer and a second dose of Corona, including Utah and Massachusetts. U.S. authorities are likely to allow vaccinators to choose the company with which they will be vaccinated, and citizens who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson will also be able to be vaccinated once again. Until now, only citizens from at-risk groups, or those who work with adults and those with background illnesses, have been vaccinated with a booster.

The United States is the country where the most positive cases for Corona have been diagnosed since the outbreak and where the largest number of deaths has also been recorded. Yesterday it was diagnosed with 99,146 positive for corona and 1,147 patients died. In New York State 6,796 positives were diagnosed yesterday, in Pennsylvania 6,637, in Ohio 6,615, in Illinois 5,644 and in California 5,186. Since the beginning of the month, over 1.4 million verified patients have been diagnosed in the country and about 19,500 patients have died. To date, the corona virus has claimed the lives of more than 789,000 Americans.

The US administration initially planned for the entire population to receive the booster vaccine, but the FDA’s panel of experts decided last September to limit it to risk groups only. Since then, they have been working in the US administration, and Corona expert Dr. Anthony Pauchi in particular, to expand the booster operation across the United States. To date, more than 195 million Americans have been vaccinated twice (with Modern and Pfizer, and once with Johnson) – and more than 30 million have already been vaccinated with Booster. Also, the US is worried that the effort to vaccinate Booster will hurt attempts to reach about 60 million citizens who can get vaccinated and have not yet done so.

Meanwhile, following the outbreak in Europe that has become the focus of the global epidemic, Austria is the first to declare a full closure since the summer, and the chancellor has even announced that the country will oblige citizens to get vaccinated. To date, a number of European countries have required workers in certain industries to be vaccinated, but no overall duty has been imposed on the public. These are civil servants, health system workers and other industries. In New York, city workers, including sanitation workers and rescue workers, were forced to get vaccinated. Far-reaching measures as announced by Austria today have not been reported in either China or Russia.

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