Protest against the rejection of the advertisement against Rio Tinto in front of RTS and the Government of Serbia
Savo Manojlovic, the director of the “Go to Change” project, said tonight that if citizens cannot see the advertisement against Rio Tinto on RTS, they will watch it on social networks and posters with a QR code that will be pasted by the Serbian government.At the protest in front of the RTS building, which was organized after the media public service refused to broadcast an advertisement against Rio Tinto, for the production and broadcasting of which the citizens collected money with small donations, Manojlovic called on those present “to walk in one column to the Serbian government “and they will continue the protest there, by pasting posters with the advertisement and the QR code for its download.

He told RTS that the advertisement was recorded because no different opinion could be heard on the public media service about the government’s support for Rio Tinto and its intentions to open a lithium mine.

Manojlović said that “Serbia will defend itself in Jadra” and that an advertisement was filmed on that occasion.
“With small donations, 1,000 people allowed one advertisement to be recorded and a clear message to be sent, which will show that RTS cannot hide the truth. We will share the advertisement on social networks, we will post Serbia. We will send a clear message, this is our country, this is our advertisement, Rio Tinto march from the Drina. Before us is the battle for water and air, before us is the battle for the truth, “said Manojlovic.

He added that the protest was scheduled three days after RTS did not respond after all the legal preconditions for broadcasting the advertisement were met, and “after they were sent to offices where no one was present.”

The executive director of “Kreni promeni” Marina Pavlić said that in four days they managed to collect the requested money for advertising against Rio Tinto with small donations, at a price of 7,000 to 11,000 dinars per second, while the company Rio Tinto for advertising broadcast on RTS, at the same prices, paid “half a million dinars only in one release period”.
“We did not come to beg them, but to pay for the advertisement they asked for, which you all collected together with us. We demand our civil right to release the advertisement. In just 30 seconds in one day, they will not allow our voice to be heard.” , said Pavlić.

In front of the main entrance to the RTS building, an advertisement was broadcast for the first time, which the television refused to broadcast, and actors Jelena Stupljanin and Viktor Savić, who appear in the advertisement against Rio Tinto, also addressed the gathered.

Those gathered at the protest headed towards the Government of Serbia in a column just before 8 pm.

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