Russia again scores a daily maximum of deaths from COVID.19 after several days with more than 1,250 deaths

The Russian authorities have confirmed this Saturday that the country has reconfirmed its highest number of daily deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is already the third consecutive day with more than 1,250 deaths, according to data provided by the national operational center for the fight against coronavirus.

The agency has thus detailed that during the last 24 hours there have been 37,120 infections and another 1,254 deaths, which brings the total figures to 9,294,188 and 262,843, respectively. Of the new 37,120 cases, at least 2,400 are asymptomatic, which is approximately 6.5 percent.

Most of the new infections have been detected in the Russian capital, Moscow (3,239), in Saint Petersburg (2,637) and in the province of Moscow (1,885). As for the deceased, 93 have been notified in Moscow and 75 in Saint Petersburg.

In addition, 36,172 people have been discharged from hospital since Friday, so that there are already almost 8 million people who have managed to overcome the disease.

The country has been above the threshold of 1,200 daily deaths for more than a week, although the numbers of infections have fallen in recent days, which the authorities attribute to the decision to impose a week of paid vacation between the end of October and early November to try to cut the chain drive.

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