Jeremic: One step closer to the opposition’s agreement on the elections, the National Assembly does not have a red line

The President of the People’s Party (NS), Vuk Jeremic, stated today that the opposition needs to jointly make a decision on whether and in what way it will participate in the upcoming elections because they are approaching, and expressed optimism that an agreement will be reached soon.

“I think we are on the right track and that the agreement could be announced next week,” Jeremic said in Tasmajdan Park, where the National Assembly called on citizens to join it in filing criminal charges against Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Ministers Zorana Mihajlovic and Irena Vujovic. because of the Rio Tinto project.

He emphasized that the agreement was supposed to happen yesterday, stating that he believes that “the talks they had and which are still in progress will be formalized in the coming days”.

“As for the National Assembly, if it is impossible to reach an agreement, then maybe it is better to avoid this job and not be in political life. The National Assembly does not have a single red line drawn in blood, the National Assembly does not insist on any specific candidacy or chair. “I have already said it once and I will repeat it if it makes it easier for me, as the party leader, not to be a candidate on any list, of course we are ready for that,” Jeremic said.

He emphasized that “the unity of all those who would like the country to look different from next April” is necessary. “It will be a decision about the future of our children and the next generations,” he added.

Jeremic pointed out that he believes that the opposition is “one step away from the agreement”, but he could not answer who will be in it. “If he answered that question then maybe they would be on two steps, on more than one,” he added.

“I do not want to say anything that would burden the end of the talks we have. The National Assembly thinks that we need as wide a front as possible in which there were not only political organizations, but also movements, public figures and a wide range, one association, one coalition all those who would like Serbia to look different after April 3, “Jeremic emphasized.

Speaking about the Rio Tinto project, Jeremic stated that the situation is “dramatic” and that “it is the last moment to prevent the destruction of nature by digging lithium”.

“Obviously, something is wrong with this project, as soon as it is not performed anywhere except here,” said Jeremic, citing as an example that Germany has the largest reserves of lithium, but does not dig it.

He appealed to the authorities to “put an end to this project or at least raise the hand”, adding that the digging of lithium in Serbia can be discussed only when it happens in Germany.

“Only when it is clear that there is technology that a developed country is ready to use. Today, the technology that they are preparing to use in the Adriatic Valley is not used anywhere in the developed world. Ask yourself why the government should ask itself that question,” he said. Jeremic.

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