France: A fire broke out near the Paris Opera

Heavy clouds of smoke billow over the Paris sky following a fire that broke out near the city’s famous opera house • Large firefighters rushed to the scene and are handling the flames • Police are asking the public to stay away from the area

Many firefighters rushed to the Paris Opera House in the wake of a fire that broke out today (Saturday). Local police issued a statement to the public via Twitter asking people to evacuate the area to allow firefighters to deal with the incident.


Details of the source of the fire in the historic building located in the 9th district of the city are still unclear, but heavy clouds of smoke are visible in the distance in the skies of the French capital. Over 100 firefighters are on the scene and fighting the flames that apparently broke out in an office building on the third floor of a 7-story building.

Despite calls from the public to stay away from the area, so far no occupants have been evacuated from nearby buildings and no cases of injuries or inhalation of smoke have been reported as a result of the fire. Despite this the metro station closest to the arena was closed.

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