Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old boy accused of killing two people during the U.S. riots, is acquitted tonight (Friday) by a Wisconsin jury. ‘Floyd and Jacob Blake in the hands of white cops. During the trial, Rittenhouse claimed to have acted in self-defense and used reasonable force to do so.

U.S. President Joe Biden said after the sentencing that he stands by the jury that acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, the boy who shot dead two people during riots in Wisconsin last year, in his trial for the murder of two people. Rittenhouse wins after claiming self-defense. After the verdict, the president said: “The jury is working, we must stand behind it. That is why I support the jury’s decision.”

Rittenhouse was charged with murder after coming out armed with a semi-automatic rifle, in order to protect businesses in the town of Kanosha during the riots. During the trial, the 18-year-old claimed to have acted in self-defense. Photographs from the area during the riots documented Rittenhouse opening fire at Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Hoover who were killed, and at another person who was injured.

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