Cyber attack against an Iranian airline that transferred weapons to Hezbollah

Another cyber attack in Iran: Hackers hacked into the computers of Mahan Air, the second largest airline in the country. Customers received messages reminiscent of the connection between the company and the Revolutionary Guards. The US Treasury Department has accused Mahan Air of providing financial assistance to Quds Force and transferring weapons and goods to Hezbollah.

Iranian state television reported this morning (Sunday) that Mahane Air, the country’s second-largest airline, was facing a cyber attack today.

The private airline claimed that it had managed to thwart the attack and that there were no changes in its flight times, adding that this was not the first cyber attack against the company in recent times. “Mahan Air’s computer system has suffered a new attack,” the company said in a statement. “It has already been the target of several attacks, given its important role in the country’s aviation industry.”

An airline spokesman said the workers had managed to “thwart the cyber attack”, but an error message appeared on the airline’s website this morning and access was blocked. Many of the company’s customers across Iran have received text messages from an organization calling itself the “Guardians of the Homeland,” which has claimed responsibility for the attack. The organization noted in its announcement the airline’s cooperation with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Mahan Air operates flights from Tehran to dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The US Treasury Department – which is operating in defiance of sanctions against Iran – put the company on its blacklist in 2011 following allegations of economic and technological assistance to the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards. In addition, the US Treasury Department accused the company of transferring weapons and goods to the Hezbollah organization.

In recent months, Iran has faced a series of major cyber attacks that embarrass the ayatollahs’ regime: in October, the country’s gas stations were shut down, in a cyber attack that prevented residents from buying subsidized fuel and caused long queues outside the stations. Iran claimed that the attack had damaged all 4,300 of its gas stations. In July, Iran’s railway network was hit by a cyber attack.

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