Five people were killed and more than 40 were injured in what became known as the “Christmas Parade” in Wisconsin, Wisconsin, police said on Monday.

Local police station commander Dan Thompson said one person was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident and the suspect vehicle was located about 32 miles from the scene of the incident. “The vehicle hit more than 20 people, some of them children. There are some dead, I do not have exact numbers at this time. “The police are investigating. We are investigating the connection to terrorism.”

Belan Santamaria, her husband and their three-year-old daughter who were present at the procession told Reuters that “the SUV arrived quickly and then I heard screams.” Another eyewitness told FOX6 that the vehicle first hit a group of 9-15 year old cheerleaders. A local newspaper editor who was present at the scene said that “on our way back from the parade we saw an SUV traveling fast and after a few seconds we heard a thump back and screams.”

“It’s a tragedy,” said county chief Paul Farrow, adding that “I returned with my wife from the parade and heard the police. Shortly afterwards I learned that a vehicle had hit and injured many people. Officials are still investigating the incident to understand what happened and how, it’s a story that could unfold.” .

The suspect vehicle (Photo: CITY OF WAUKESHA / Facebook / via REUTERS)

The White House said they were following the reports and the president, Joe Biden, Updated with details. The Wisconsin State Senate posted on her Twitter account: “The violence at Waxha’s Christmas parade is horrific and heartbreaking.”

Recall, in 2016, a terrorist who drove a truck ran over 12 people to death and injured 49 during a car bomb attack in a Christmas market in Berlin, the German capital. Among the dead was 66-year-old Dalia Elyakim, a resident of Herzliya. Her husband Remy was seriously injured. The Islamic State terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

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