Architect: The realization of the subway is deeply wrong, Belgrade will soon not be able to drink its water
Architect Slobodan Maldini stated today that Belgrade needs a subway, but that the strategy of its realization is “deeply wrong”, because the city cannot give up the strategic resources of drinking water, which is not a renewable resource, because of the subway.On the occasion of the beginning of the works on the construction of the subway, Maldini stated for H1 television that Belgrade is destroying its most precious resource and turning to something much worse, the source from the Danube, “the most polluted river in Europe”.

“Belgrade makes a mistake by mistake, when it destroys its springs on Makis, then it will destroy the Great War Island. Belgrade is one of the few cities that can drink its water, it will not be possible soon,” Maldini said.

He added that the City of Belgrade and the state “behave towards the subway as investors, and not as someone who should solve the problem of citizens”.
“It is about Makiško polje, they found a tycoon to build a million square meters in that area, later two, three million square meters of buildings and to finance the Belgrade metro with that money. The connection between the metro and Makiš is from business, it is not intended to solve the traffic collapse. it is about disrespecting the basic needs of the people of Belgrade in order to build something that no one needs, a huge city is being built there, “Maldini pointed out.

Maldini also said that the line metro is being built in cities with more than two million inhabitants, and when it is less than that, the distribution metro is being built.
“The first principle has been violated, (move) from Makiš to the Fair does not have the necessary density, and in places where there is a density of housing and work there is no metro line. The metro is wrongly planned in terms of traffic, we get it where we do not need to Makiš, and the parts that are overloaded will be left without the subway. Instead of uniting the systems with the Belgrade train, they separated them, “the architect said.

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