BRI at the center of Italy.China talks

Beijing is weaving the web with partners, including Italy, which signed a MoU in 2019. “China is willing to work with Italy to intensify strategic communication, consolidate strategic mutual trust and get rid of all other distractions,” Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the Minister of Foreign Affairs over the phone. Foreign Italian Luigi di Maio.

“Beijing is willing to conduct closer high.level exchanges, facilitate personnel exchanges and promote the joint construction of the BRI with Italy,” Wang added.

The minister also urged the two sides “to strengthen cooperation in sectors such as scientific and technological innovation, aerospace, clean energy, digital economy and third markets and to push mutually beneficial cooperation for greater results and for together give impetus to the global economic recovery ”.

The advancement of the G7 infrastructure plan

The BRI has turned eight years old, and its coming into the world was announced by President Xi Jinping himself, on a state visit to Kazakhstan.

The 14th Five.Year Plan 2021.25 speaks of a quality BRI. A review of the initiative highlighted aspects that are intended to be overcome, such as the coherence between funds and projects.

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