Heavy disaster in Bulgaria: At least 45 people, including children, perished early in the morning when a tourist bus from northern Macedonia caught fire in the west of the country.

The accident occurred around 2:00 a.m. on the Struma highway, near the village of Bosnak, about 45 km west of the capital Sofia, when the tourist bus made its way from a trip in Turkey towards northern Macedonia. Most of the passengers were citizens of northern Macedonia and were also Belgian passenger and Serbian passenger.

The circumstances are still unclear, but it is estimated that the bus hit a guardrail before it caught fire or immediately after it caught fire. “A human error or technical malfunction are the initial versions surrounding the accident,” said the head of the Bulgarian Investigation Service, Borislav Serpov.

Forty-five passengers on the bus were killed in the serious accident, including 12 children, and seven people who managed to escape from the burning bus were evacuated to hospitals in stable condition. “The bodies were grouped inside and burned to ashes,” said Bulgarian Interior Minister Boiko Rashkov. “The picture is appalling. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The acting Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Stefan Yanev, rushed to the scene of the disaster. “We have a huge tragedy here,” he said. “We hope we learn the lessons from this tragic accident and that we can prevent such accidents in the future.”

The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Ze’ev, received the update on the accident tonight from his colleague Yanav and arrived this morning at Sofia Hospital, where he spoke with some of the survivors who said that the passengers had changed during the disaster. Ze’ev praised the functioning of the Bulgarian authorities, noting that they “do everything as if the victims were Bulgarians.”

This morning, police forces also surrounded the offices of Basa Trans, the owner of the bus injured in the accident, and relatives of the victims also gathered at the scene. According to local media reports, the company is operated by Albanians.

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