CNN revealed today (Wednesday) that the US administration was following an attempt to launch an Iranian satellite into space earlier this month- According to the publication, the launch attempt failed but Iran is preparing for another launch in the near future-

In the United States, satellite images have been unveiled showing increased activity in the space center named after Imam Khomeini, who according to American experts indicate that Yeni, who according to American experts indicate that Iran is preparing for another launch- The photos, taken on June 20, show fuel tanks and mobile platforms that are a “key indicator that there will be another launch attempt in the coming days or weeks-“

Iranian satellite launch

Sources in the United States space agency told CNN that it was not yet clear why the experiment failed or at what stage the launch failed- Pentagon spokesman Uriah Orland said “the U-S- Space Command is aware of the failed satellite launch attempt in Iran on June 12-” In addition, although the US Department of Defense did not reveal which satellite the Iranians were trying to launch into space, an American expert in the field told CNN that it is a “Simorg” rocket, which is designed according to a model developed in North Korea and uses technology similar to launching intercontinental ballistic missiles- –

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