Members of the Sector for Emergency Situations stabilized the situation in the rocket fuel factory in Leštane, in which a series of explosions took place at around 2 pm, in which two people were killed and 16 were injured, said the commander of the Belgrade Fire and Rescue Brigade, Miloš Majstorović.

He said that five workers were rescued from the factory, as well as that firefighters and rescuers searched the terrain with the help of drones with thermal imaging in order to locate possible victims, the Ministry of the Interior reported.

Majstorović reminded that the Command and Operational Center of the Fire and Rescue Brigade Belgrade received a report at 2:13 PM that there was an explosion in the rocket fuel factory in the immediate vicinity of Bubanj Potok.

He said that 11 vehicles and 36 firefighters were sent to the place of the explosion.

“Upon arrival at the scene, it was established that there was an explosion in a warehouse with an area of ​​240 square meters, in which 500 rockets with 30 kilograms of rocket fuel each were stored,” said the commander of the Belgrade Fire and Rescue Brigade.

The company EDePro, which is engaged in research and production of weapons and military equipment, confirmed that the explosion happened in the warehouse of finished products around 2 p.m.

“All our efforts, human and all available resources are focused on evacuation and providing assistance to employees. The company fully cooperates with all emergency services in the field and provides all possible support,” said EDePro.

The director of the Emergency Center, Marko Ercegovac, told the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that after the explosion, 10 people were taken care of in that institution, two of whom were seriously injured.

“Severe burns dominate, but there are also injuries to the head, chest and internal injuries due to pressure after the explosion,” Ercegovac said.

As RTS has learned, there were 40 workers in the warehouse at the time of the explosion.

The cause of the explosion is not known yet, and an investigation is underway.

Police do not allow traffic to be approached and diverted.

In November 2008, an explosion occurred in the same factory when three people were injured, one seriously and two lightly.

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