For Biden, the release of oil reserves will help

“The coordinated release” of oil reserves “by various countries will help” to reduce the problem of expensive gasoline. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, said this during a press conference at the White House. Biden stressed that price increases “subside over time” and that the increase affects all countries of the world, but this does not mean that “we will stand still and wait for prices to fall on their own”.

I will do whatever it takes to reduce the price of gasoline“, continued the president of the United States.” The price of wholesale oil has already started to fall “, after the announcement of the release of the reserves” but the price of gasoline has not moved a cent. ”

Biden then accused the US oil giants: “In other words, companies are paying less, but earning a lot more. And this is unacceptable.”

We are still facing challenges in our economy. Damage linked to the pandemic is still posing challenges to our supply chain, which leads to higher prices, ”Biden concluded.

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