A physical education teacher from Nis collects money for the treatment of sick children through calligraphic works
Marko Zivkovic, 34, a professor of physical education from Nis, is one of the few inhabitants of that city who deals with calligraphy.He combines work in his own school of sports and corrective gymnastics with the art of beautiful writing with the help of a pen, and he pays half of the money he earns for the treatment of sick children.

Zivkovic started writing beautifully last year, during his temporary work in Kuwait.

In the beginning, it was a hobby for him, and then it grew into an additional job.

According to him, it was during the lockdown due to the corona virus when time was spent in the apartment.

“I tried to make good use of that time and I started researching calligraphy out of pure curiosity. When I saw some old writings, I realized that they were real works of art,” Zivkovic explained.

He also stated that the art of beautiful writing attracted him very quickly, and that he started learning and mastering basic skills.

He said that he liked to draw before, and that he finished the Art School before the Faculty of Sports.

“I had an artistic basis so that I could do calligraphy at the appropriate level. I realized that I have a tendency for that and that art relaxes me,” said Zivkovic.

He explained that calligraphy is a filigree job that requires a person to be patient, careful and focused.

“It’s enough to make a mistake somewhere a millimeter and you can’t hide it, and before that you invested a lot of hours to do it,” he said.

He pointed out that the reaction of people is most encouraging, when he sees what he did.

“Every line, every word, every word, everything counts and everything counts, but the reaction of people when they get what they ordered is most encouraging,” Zivkovic pointed out.

According to him, people usually ask him to do names for them, that is, the meaning of certain names, prayers, troparions for a certain saint, the blessing of the house of Bishop Nikolaj, the message of Njegos and Patriarch Pavle.

I sign all my works by Živković under the pseudonym “Deacon Job” with the explanation that the student is the old name for a scribe, and Job is an Old Testament person known for his faith and piety.

“I think that God gave me a little gift and that I should use part of that gift to help others. That is why I pay half of the money I earn from orders for the treatment of sick children,” Zivkovic explained.

He is currently collecting money for the treatment of little Nemanja Ljutić, who needs a stem cell transplant in a hospital in Turkey.

Zivkovic said that the money must be collected by December 19 in order for the boy to travel for the operation.

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