Dozens of videos of models in a hiding apartments: Golden evidence in the affair of Moshe Hogeg

The investigation against the businessman and his associates: The police were handed dozens of hours of videos secretly filmed in an apartment funded by one of the companies he owns. They documented intimate situations of young women and models claiming they did not know about it and drug use. Some of the suspects were confronted in their interrogations with the videos, “which left them in shock”

The “Big Game” affair: Investigators from the National Fraud Investigation Unit (JHA) hold dozens of videos of young women and models in an apartment in Tel Aviv funded by one of the companies owned by businessman and Beitar Jerusalem owner, Moshe Hogeg, who was arrested last week on suspicion of crimes White collar and sex offenses. The videos include, among other things, documentation of sex and drug use. Police arrived at the apartment in question, as well as some of the girls who said they did not know they were being photographed.

The golden vision was given to the police by one of those involved in the affair, and it is not related to the suspicions of the economic offenses and the alleged fraudulent exercises of investors – but rather to the part of the sex affair in the case. The investigators have many hours-long videos, which were apparently recorded using hidden cameras that were installed in an apartment in Tel Aviv, where many young women were hosted by various people from Hogeg’s environment.

A source close to the investigation said that sometimes on the same day, different people visited the apartment. He said yesterday and today some of the videos were hurled at some of the suspects, and these “left them in shock”. Yaha investigators arrived at the apartment in question and searched it. At the same time, they are trying to locate the women documented in the videos.

Celebrates suspected among others offenses of prohibition of money laundering, conspiracy to commit a crime, theft by a licensee, receiving anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, intentional omission of income, false registration in corporation documents, offenses under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, giving alcohol to minors and sexual offenses. Along with him, seven other suspects were arrested for fraud offenses in the field of cryptocurrencies amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels.

Yesterday it was revealed that as part of the affair, the police recruited a state witness. Due to a restraining order that is still imposed on the details of the case, it is not possible at this stage to expand on the identity of the witness and the conditions he received. However, it can be published that he sheds light, among other things, on the suspicion of sexual offenses included in the case, a suspicion raised against a celebrant.

The Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion extended the detainee’s detention a week earlier today. Following the hearing, his defense attorneys, Amit Hadad and Moshe Mazor, said: Moshe Celebrates fully cooperates with his investigators, confident in his innocence and supported by his wife and family. “In recent days, we have witnessed the continuation of false publications originating from stakeholders, and we recommend that the police finish their work before our client is convicted.”

The investigation file against Hogeg was opened at the IAEA as early as 2019 after information began to arrive about his alleged problematic conduct. To the court and received orders to carry out wiretapping. The investigators implemented the orders and conducted interceptions to the celebrant and some of his acquaintances, including Adi Sheleg, a former partner of the owners of Beitar Jerusalem and one of the detainees in the case (in the past, Snow was a state witness in Nochi Dankner’s trial).

During the interrogations, among other things, the investigators hurled suspicions related to three projects: predicting future results of events at Stokes, the Sirin project that is supposed to develop a new phone and the Lidcoin project that is supposed to link businesses through trading platforms. According to the researchers, Hogg raised hundreds of millions of shekels for these projects, but in practice “smuggled” the money for personal and other purposes.

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