Between Iran and the Sahara: Bnei Gantz signs a public security agreement in Morocco

The defense minister visits the country openly accompanies IDF officials. The agreement will allow for security procurement and intelligence exchange. Background: Israel establishes another Arab friend ahead of the nuclear talks, and Morocco improves diplomatic positions to establish its control of the Sahara

Another summit in the Avraham agreements: Defense Minister Bnei Gantz today (Wednesday) signed an open security cooperation agreement in Morocco with his local counterpart ‘Abd al-Latif Lodi, as part of a visit attended by senior IDF officers who arrived in uniform. The agreement, signed about a year ago Following the official announcement of the resumption of relations between the two countries, it is expected to allow Israel and Morocco to hold an ongoing military dialogue, promote defense procurement and exchange intelligence.

“The agreement will allow us to enter into joint projects and export to Morocco,” Ganz said. “Relations are tightening for the benefit of the two countries, and the defense establishment also has a vital role to play in the issue.”

The Moroccans’ consent to the extraordinary visit stems in part from the fact that they see Israel as an asset that can assist them in their diplomatic needs vis-à-vis the US administration, against the background of their desire to establish agreements regarding Morocco’s control of Western Sahara.

Israel and Morocco have a rich past in the areas of security and civilian affairs, but this is the first time that security relations have been publicly expressed at this level. During the visit, Ganz met with all the top security officials in the country – from the defense and foreign ministers, through the head of the intelligence service to the chief of staff and army chiefs. In the area.

The head of the Defense Ministry’s political-security division, Zohar Felti, said during the visit that this was an “event we have not seen before.” He said tightening relations with Morocco’s political and security leadership would have long-term implications for “our interests in the region.”

Begins the important visit to Morocco with a visit to the Mausoleum of Muhammad V in Rabat. I laid a wreath and wrote in the visitors’ book. We will all work together for a better future and for partnership and peace between nations and peoples.
Benny Gantz (@gantzbe) November 24, 2021

Felty added: “Israel has a commitment to Morocco that for years has accepted and preserved the Jews. This is the basis. Morocco has fought terrorism on several fronts over the years, including against al-Qaeda and global jihadists. The agreement we signed will allow us to cooperate in training and information. “We have to help them with what they need from us. There is a strategic alliance of knowledge here.”

MK Ruth Wasserman Landa White Brush, who serves as chair of the lobby for the advancement of the Abrahamic Accords and accompanied the visit, said that “a security agreement with Morocco is another important anchor in Israel-Morocco relations, but also includes assets and benefits at the regional level. The reception we received during the Defense Minister’s visit is not ambiguous – it is intended to clearly and publicly signal to the countries of the region that it is behind its entry into the Abrahamic Accords almost a year ago, it sees security cooperation with Israel as a significant asset.

In December 2020, Morocco joined the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan and became the fourth Arab country to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel. The move was sponsored by former U.S. President Donald Trump, and in return he pledged American recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, where the Polisario Front movement demands independence and liberation from Moroccan rule.

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