Africa: Teachers poisoned and fed to crocodiles

Scary Murder in Africa!

A man has reportedly confessed to killing his ex-boyfriend. Clement Bebeka made the body disappear. The victim’s family has since spoken out.

Flashback: Teacher Mark Ciavarella († 57) came to the Republic of Congo in 2016 to teach English and music. He worked at a school for six years. In the meantime he got to know and love his future killer.

During a police interrogation, he described how the bloody deed came about. Ciavarelle told him that he would return to his homeland. His death sentence!

Death throes lasted 35 minutes

Bebeka and an accomplice poisoned the Australian, whose agony lasted around 35 minutes. They then brought the body to the Congo. At a spot described by local media as “crocodile infested,” they dumped the body in the water.

Mark Ciavarella’s family said in a statement: “The fact that they have not found the body, and probably never will, makes it harder for us to come to terms with his death in many ways. We’ll never be able to bring him home.”

According to his brother, the man from the town of Leeton had traveled to the developing country to help. Darren Ciavarella: “He knew it was a dangerous place. But Mark was passionate about teaching the kids there. He had the biggest heart.”

Money was probably the motive for the murder

The siblings had been on the phone with each other shortly before Mark’s disappearance in October 2022. “We told him to come home early,” said Brother Darren. Because apparently the victim had been cheated on before his death, had lost “thousands of dollars and his house”.

Money also seems to have been the motive for the murder of the 57-year-old. Clement Bebeka feared he would have to live in poverty if his partner moved away. He and his accomplice stole the Australian’s credit card after his death.

Bebeka has to answer to a court in the capital Brazzaville in March for murder, the accomplice is believed to be on the run.

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