Ponoš: The defense of Vučić regarding the solution to the Kosovo problem is untenable because he was in the government in ’99.

The leader of the Serbia Center (SRCE) movement, Zdravko Ponoš, said tonight that the “defense” of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić regarding the solution to the Kosovo problem “neither ate onions nor smelled onions” is unsustainable, because in 1999 he was in the then Government of Serbia.

As the movement announced, Ponoš asked where Vučić was when the embassies were burned and when the Brussels and Washington agreements were signed.

“What did he eat and smell then, how now suddenly he is not guilty of anything. And then at the end he says that the situation is difficult and the competent authorities will have to take over and make a decision: the government, the assembly, they will consult the church, SANA, I don’t know who. Well that you have not consulted them until now, that you have decided everything yourself,” Ponoš told NovaS television.

He stated that Vučić introduced a “dramatic plot” in his address on Monday evening, when he said that the representatives of the Western delegation told him three times that there would be an interruption of European integration, a stop and withdrawal of investments and that he had to “three times reacts, because he had no one to ask”.

“Well, why are you alone, is that how it’s done? Instead of having an adviser to choose suits for you from the fund, why didn’t you find an adviser for international relations. Well, there is no Kosovo in the fund, so you spend one Kosovo and take another from the fund,” he emphasized. Pride.

According to his words, Vučić agreed to what he got on the table, stating that he was looking for the possibility to reformulate it, to make it easier to “swallow”.

“On the other hand, he is looking for a way to transfer the responsibility for downloading and signing that document to someone else, to share it, and for the cameras to remain on him,” Ponoš said.

He also assessed that it is clear that there is nothing wrong with Vučić’s resignation as head of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the state, because it is an attempt to homogenize the SNS, as well as the wider public, because “here we are not talking about concern for Kosovo, but about to him”.

Speaking about the relationship of the international community, Ponoš stated that due to the signing of the agreement on Kosovo, Vučić will probably remain in power in Serbia for a few more years, because “they need to clean up the situation in the region and the stronghold of Russian influence”, and that “Vučić owes them for ‘wrapping up’ Kosovo as he promised”.

“Vučić will now be a factor of peace and stability, and he will realize that in a couple of years, and after that he will be spent,” said Ponoš.

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